WWE Wrestlers Who Have Worked In The Adult Industry

One of the many requirements for being a WWE wrestler is that he or she be in great shape. Although there are some exceptions, the majority of pro wrestlers have great bodies. Much of that has to do with the rigorous workouts and regimen wrestling demands. These wrestlers have to look good and be able to move. Of course once the WWE began to add ‘Divas’ to its lineup, everything changed. As a way to gain more male fans, WWE began promoting its female stars. Some of that promotion included having them appear nude in adult magazines such as Playboy.

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Interestingly enough, that pushed may have played a role in the number of wrestlers who have appeared in adult movies. Once these Divas became very popular due to their adult related promotions, some took it a step further. They decided to get into the adult film industry as way to earn more cash and increase their popularity. Overall, there are more than a dozen of well-known pro wrestlers who have worked in the adult industry. Coincidentally, you also have some who have done some type of pornographic video. Granted, the latter may be due to their personal private sex tape being leaked. Nonetheless, once it made its way to the internet, it became another scandalous porn video featuring a pro wrestler.

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Lizzie Borden – This woman had her own pro wrestling promotion company. In addition, Borden directed pornographic movies many called nasty. 

Sable – Although she never worked on any smut films, Sable did manage to pose nude for Playboy. In all, Sable appeared in the adult mag three times. One of the issues she posed in 1999, became the highest selling for Playboy.

Mickie James – The popular Mickie is recognized as a WWE and TNA pro wrestler. But before she became a wrestler, James posed nude for several websites. After her career as a wrestler diminished, Mickie James went back appearing naked in adult sites.

X-Pac – During his time in WWE, he was very popular as a D-Generation X star. Some say it was there that he became friends with Chyna. The two later went on to make a steamy a best-selling sexually explicit movie.

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Shelly Martinez – While her stint in WWE was short, she moved on to TNA. From there, she worked as pinup model for some magazines. Later on, Shelly posed nude for other mags and then did soft-core bondage smut videos.

Chyna – Those who follow wrestling often regard Chyna as the most popular and dominant pro female wrestler ever. She appeared as She Hulk in several movies in the adult industry. But it was her sex tape with X-Pac called 1 Night in Chyna that sold millions of copies worldwide.