What’s the Best Way to Date a Trans Single in Dubai?

To answer this question quickly: in secret. In Dubai, trans people’s rights are not recognized and they are jailed if they are “caught”. Despite this, there are quite a few trans people living in the emirate. You can meet trans singles in Dubai on My Transgender Cupid and other international dating sites, which offer the safest option because homosexuality is illegal in the emirate.

The law sees trans women as “men dressing as women” and puts them on par with homosexuals. If you want to date a trans single, you should always meet indoors at a discreet location. Your car is a public place here in Dubai. The authorities are probably watching you. There is an unwritten law here in this emirate that if you aren’t caught, you aren’t guilty. This is a good principle to follow. It is very important when it comes to dating trans people safely here.

In Dubai, trans women wear Abaya, the bulky, oversized black dresses all women in the Middle East and some Muslim women elsewhere wear. Usually, nobody knows they are trans because of this.

Some people in Dubai have met trans singles looking for a relationship online. The Internet is practically your only option, in fact. It’s important to be consistent if you want to maximize your chances. You’ll come across a lot of profiles on transsexual dating sites and you might not have any idea when to stop just because of the sheer multitude of profiles. We recommend studying them carefully rather than sending message after message to different people. If you have a nice chat with a trans single, don’t ghost them. Stay in touch, but avoid the other extreme too, which is looking desperate.

If you haven’t talked to the person you met online for a while for some reason, for example, you weren’t in Dubai, explain this to them and show them you recall your last chat instead of just popping up out of nowhere.

You may have a hard time dating a trans person in Dubai because of how restrictive society is for these people. Despite that, don’t forget that emotional, intimate, and physical attraction is a healthy and completely normal part of the human experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re trans, lesbian, bi, gay, straight, fluid, pansexual, or anything else. There’s no law that can force us to change who we are, even Dubai’s Sharia law. Be discreet and safe, but don’t let anything suppress your attraction to trans people. Always be respectful, open, and honest.